Tour: Registration & User Account

The registration of a user account in the AppStore is divided into two registration steps. With the registration you get i.e. free access to the download of the touchscreen CMS software AppSuite as well as the backend of your user account including AppCloud features.

Registration: Step 1
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Registration: Step 1

With the 1st registration step you get access i.e. to the free download of the AppSuite CMS software. With your personal user account you can also log in to the AppStore website and the AppSuite and access the functions in the respective backend area.

To register, simply fill out the registration form and then confirm your registration by clicking on the link that will be sent to your e-mail address.

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Registration: Step 2

With an update to the 2nd registration step you can purchase additional paid plans for your systems. Simply log in to the AppStore website by clicking on the login button. Once you are logged in, go to the personal area (link at the top right of the page) and fill in the necessary information about your user profile.

Please note that currently only corporate customers are eligible for the 2nd registration step. The activation is currently still done manually by eyefactive, usually the activation is done on the same day.

Subscription Plans

Subscription Plans

All information about our free and paid subscription plans for touchscreen systems can be found on the following page (click on the button):

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