Vodafone tests interactive consulting at selected stores with multitouch apps

Every two years at least, one is pondering over the same old question: Is my mobile contract still a good deal? What’s new out there? Should I go for new features, are there new subject terms of contract? Vodafone customers who appreciate a personal experience in the store can now enjoy a comprehensive consultation by means of multitouch tables or multitouch screens from eyefactive.

And when all consultants are busy? No problem, the tables and screens are so user friendly, that the interested party will be guided through all plan rates and gain a comprehensive overview of the complete product range. That way the customer is informed in advance and the next available consultant has a perfect start right away, being able to use the MultiTouch systems to his support. They visualize the path through the jungle of different tariff options and provide a guideline for the consultation. Also, stuff you see is memorized more easily than pages of contracts, isn't it? On top of that the experience and interaction in the store increases the bond with the brand Vodafone and sets Vodafone apart from its competitors. The client's decision to provide interactive touch tables came from the necessity to create an innovative and appealing solution offering customers information and a consultation experience at the same time.

Special attention was paid to the design of the MultiTouch tables TAURUS, which had to fit in the store concept as well as serving as an integrated piece of furniture. eyefactive answered these requirements with a lean, yet attractive design and what's more, the MultiTouch screens have become real eye-catchers. Inviting isles of information in the stores, they provide up to three customers simultaneously with an information experience of the special kind.

The MultiTouch tables TAURUS and the multi-touch screens were delivered ready to go with software especially developed for Vodafone. In case of the TAURUS tables this included Vodafone's world with different everyday scenarios in which customers could virtually experience the application of the various Vodafone products: whether the handbag tracker or the Vodafone SmartWatch for the little ones. The scenarios demonstrate customers various situations in everyday life and by means of specific clicks on the table display information on Vodafone's wide product range. The apps of the MultiTouch tables TAURUS are activated by object recognition. Here ID marker chips were transformed into the Vodafone design, e.g. a WLAN icon. When an object is placed on the table top, the apps are ready to start. Depending on the marker selected, different animations can be played. Also an Active/Snooze screen mode is integrated. The adapted app ClickThrough facilitates opening and closing of decision trees, info boxes or videos. A winsome, friendly young man is inviting to come closer and click on the touch screens. Here the customer can purposefully click his way through the Vodafone tariffs and find out about additional options. Switching between pages is implemented by a clever menu navigation – also, the integrated home button to get back to the overview page.

eyefactive company provided an intensive training to the staff of selected Vodafone stores in advance and thus ensured a safe handling of the MultiTouch systems. Evaluations (analytics) are carried out regularly to assess the user behaviour.


Selected Vodafone Flagship Stores