The Best Software for the Best Touchscreens, Systems & Mediaplayer
The Best Software for the Best Touchscreens, Systems & Mediaplayer

The Best Software for the Best Touchscreens, Systems & Mediaplayer

Become a hardware partner of the world's first B2B app platform for professional touchscreen systems. Amaze your customers and scale your business with interactive solutions - free of charge and without additional effort! For all manufacturers, distributors or integrators of touchscreens, systems and mediaplayers.
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Hardware Partner

Why Become a Hardware Partner?

As a provider of professional touchscreens, touchscreen systems, media players or other equipment in the field of interactive digital signage, you want to focus on the products and high sales figures. At the same time you need great software to create exciting solutions and to inspire customers.

eyefactive's touchscreen software presents your professional systems in the best possible way. With our award-winning multi-touch and multi-user technology, innovative solutions can be created for a wide range of applications, from point of sale to information and entertainment to collaborative teamwork.

As a hardware partner, however, you do not need to do anything more than refer to the eyefactive touchscreen app platform and our creative partner network in order to take advantage of all the benefits, and to offer your customers an optimal service.

Hardware Partner

All Benefits for Hardware Partners

  • 100% Free

    The official partnership is absolutely free of charge and can be terminated at any time.

  • 0% Effort

    Scale your business and offer your customers true added value by combining great hardware with innovative software - without any additional effort.

  • Boost Sales

    Innovative solutions as a combination of hardware and software lead to enthusiastic customers - and thus more sales!

  • Customer Coupons

    Incentivize customers to use the platform with individual coupon codes, which we provide free of charge to official partners. Customers thus receive a discount on their first use.

  • Revenue Share

    Via individual coupon codes we can assign payments from users to the respective partner. In this case we pay a 20% revenue share on the actual purchase price.

  • Official Partner Listing

    As an official partner, your company will be featured in the touchscreen app platform partner list with name, logo and website link.

  • Free Marketing Footage

    Upon request, we will send you free marketing material, such as logos, images, flyers or brochures.

  • Demo Project

    We will create a free demo project for you to present at trade shows, events - or in your showroom.

  • Premium Support

    As a qualified partner, you will receive special support, as well as individual workshops and trainings.

Interactive Digital Signage Software Solutions XXL

What has been successfully established for smartphones and tablets, eyefactive brings to large-scale professional touchscreens: the world's first specialized interactive digital signage app platform, a whole new eco-system with customizable touchscreen apps, intuitive content management software and an extensive online app marketplace.

  • Point of Sale

    Amaze customers, boost sales

    Offer fascinating experiences at point of sale, trade fairs and events. Attract maximum attention for your brands, products and services.

  • Point of Information

    Effective infotainment on demand

    Combine information with interactive infotainment to convey the desired content effectively. Users can interactively call up information at any time.

  • Point of Entertainment

    Entertain guests, reduce waiting times

    Several users can simultaneously play exciting multiuser games with and against each other on large interactive multitouch systems.

  • Point of Education

    Transporting knowdledge sustainably

    Effective communication of knowledge through the involvement of multiple senses, multimedia content and the active participation of several users simultaneously.

  • Point of Advertisement

    Interactive ads with Wow-Effect

    With interactive advertising you leave a maximum effect on the recipient.

  • Point of Collaboration

    Creative teamwork in companies

    Utilize the possibilities of innovative mulituser applications on large touchscreens for collaborative and creative team work of several users simultaneously.

World's first B2B Touchscreen App Platform

All touchscreens, one app platform: Use apps on all large-scale touch screens, tables, kiosk terminals, steles or videowalls. Customizing ready-to-use apps - instead of developing from scratch - saves you time, effort and money.


    The world's first B2B online marketplace for professional touchscreen systems.


    Manage apps, projects & systems with eyefactive's easy to use touchscreen CMS software.


    High-performance multi-touch & multi-user software development technology.


    Online cloud distribution and management of apps, content and systems.

All Benefits of the App Platform

How it Works!

How it Works!

The economic success of smartphones by Apple or Google does not lie in the hardware, but in the ecosystems of the associated app stores. In B2B, there has been a lack of appropriate platforms and technologies to support the possibilities and growth of the new types of large touchscreen systems with intuitive user experiences and innovative app concepts.

With the eyefactive B2B app platform a new ecosystem for all professional touchscreens, systems and media players is created. Become an important part of this new system for innovative touchscreen solutions of the future as a hardware partner!

International Customers for B2B Interactive Signage Solutions

International Customers for B2B Interactive Signage Solutions

Professional B2B touchscreen software can be used in a wide variety of areas and industries to create innovative interactive digital signage applications.

These include point of sale, retail, shopping malls, museums, exhibitions, trade shows, events, restaurants, hotels, corporations, and many more.

Partner List & Landing Page

Partner List & Landing Page

As an official hardware partner for touchscreens, systems or mediaplayers, you will be included in our official partner list. This allows you to be easily found and addressed by potential customers via various filters.

In addition, you get your own landing page that welcomes your customers with your individual logo.

Free Demo Project

Free Demo Project

We are delighted to create free demo projects with your individual content for your products and services on request. You can use these demo projects free of charge at trade fairs, events or in your showrooms to optimally present your hardware.

Apply now as an official hardware partner!
Apply now as an official hardware partner!

Apply now as an official hardware partner!

Benefit from all advantages as an official partner - apply now. In case you might have questions: We are delighted to offer you free consultation without any obligation.

How to apply? Simply send us a short message using the contact form.

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