Whitepaper: Virtual Shelves - A Frontier of Innovation in Retail Technologies

The evolving retail landscape involves redefining the purpose of physical stores for more customer connections and creating seamless omni-channel experiences.

Brick and mortar retailers are under tremendous pressure from the e-commerce boom and ever-evolving customer expectations. Globally, online shopping is projected to continue its strong upward trend. A lack of physical constraints has enabled e-commerce sites to innovate often and act quickly in terms of marketing and customer experience. Further, their lower cost of operations has translated into better pricing for customers. As a result, "offline" retailers are suffering from a drop in sales, lower footfalls and a dire need to reinvent themselves to stay relevant.

In this Whitepaper:

  • Smart Retail: What Customers Want

  • How Virtual Shelves Work

  • Virtual Shelf Case Studies

  • 3 Ways that Virtual Shelves Benefit your Business

  • Retailers' Guide: Transitioning to Virtual Shelves